"The dirty cop said that opinions are like arseholes, and those arseholes sure take a lot of dumps in a lot of places these days. I guess it's time to join before bullshitting gets out of fashion."

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My name is Jitse Lemmens, I’m a -slightly less young- designer from Belgium who has been working magic since the internet was stil in it’s pubescent years.
My professional work usually consists of designing websites and print-media as well as retouching photographs for advertisement and photographers.

I am currently employed in an advertisement agency where I create web-, graphic designs and illustrations. Outside my work-hours I work as a freelance graphic designer, illustrator, webdesigner and photo-retoucher and frequently dabble in the lost arts of project-development.

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Services include

  • Photoshop retouching
  • Branding
  • Webdesign & WordPress
  • Illustration
  • Print media design

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