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Date:January 15, 2014


Sample of part of the board from the WIP-rulebook.

Sample of part of the board from the WIP-rulebook.

Anatta is a strategic party game that is currently in development. It will feature a large board where players will move their “soul” through time and space encountering all kinds of events during their different lifetimes. During these events players will gain Karma points which will help you evolve your soul so you can, upon death of your mortal coil, resurrect into one of the 11 layers of the universe.

The ultimate goal of Anatta is to get your soul into “Enlightenment” first by passing through layers such as Elysium and Heaven; and to avoid all lower layers such as Hell and Limbo wich will lead into the destruction of your -then dark and useless black soul- in the Abyss.

Anatta can be played by multiple players or in a solo-environment and will feature a myriad of cards depicting all types of events with each their own choices and outcomes.

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