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Client:de Bib
Date:September 18, 2013

Bibtrollies Season 2

Season 2 AnnounceAfter the great success of the first season of the Bibtrollies, local libraries have extended the series for another year. I’ve been illustrating the second season of the Bibtrollies for a while now, many of them being outtakes of the first batch, others being ideas from librarians in charge and children who drew their own Bibtrollie.

There will be about 50 new cards and a couple of reprint of the first season to meet demands. A press-conference will be held on the 2nd of October where the cards will be presented.

I can however give you the following teaser Рan official poster announcing the second season and my original illustration featuring old and new trollies. There will also be an exclusive card on the cover of the local magazine Penzine.

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