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Date:January 15, 2014

Booby Trap

spiesBooby Trap is a game much in the vibe of Robo-Rally where you are playing a spy trapped on a mysterious island with other spies with sole purpose to get out of the island alive and hopefully gain some intel on who and what is keeping you there.

You start the game by placing all sorts of booby traps on the board, noting them down and hoping other players will fall into your traps and end up getting killed. On modular boards you will also be able to place goals from intel to race-like objectives in order for players to have a more focused play.

The game will feature at least half a dozain spies and a mulitude of traps that can be placed on 6 double-sided boards… SOON-ish.

Pictures used are from series Man froù UNCLE and Mad Magazine’s Spy VS Spy and are not to be used in my game. They do however form a base of inspiration and a small peek into how it might look and what feel the game will have.

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