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Date:November 22, 2014

Bronze City

bronzeBronze City is a worker-placement game that combines elements from Monopoly, Tammany Hall and Lords of Waterdeep. In Bronze City you play one of the entrepeneurs in a fictional 1800’s city. With your starting funds you will buy proporties and gain influence, influence which will be used to gain control over the many burroughs of the city. The goal: become the most powerful man in town. How you do it is up to you; whether through charity or villainous acts, selling goods or buying up everything; the things you do will decide your legacy.

The game will consist of many locations who will give the players benefits or penalties. Players will be able to attack other players, move goods over the board. Whether selling goods in the docks or hijacking them from an opponent, money will give influence and influence will give power.

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