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Date:January 15, 2014

High Noon


High Noon is a 2 player card game that simulates a duel between two gunslingers in the Wild Old West. The game is currently still undergoing development and needs playtesting. Furthermore it needs art which is the most daunting task of it all.

The game plays the split seconds between a gunslingers’ past, experiences and plans; and the bullet exiting it’s revolver swirling towards his or her opponent.

During development of this game I came across the existance of Revolver¬† and was glad to see that the game wasn’t similar at all with my idea. Alas the intended grapic design was how I imagined High Noon turning up when finished. Nevertheless it’ll keep it’s Western vibe and I’m eager to see how it will turn out.

For more information please download the manual about the workings on this future boardgame. Please note: this is a preliminary pdf, it has not been spell-checked to death and is intended for review and feedback purposes only. If you find any errors and/or remarks regarding the rules and others please leave a comment.

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