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Date:February 02, 2013

Kinder Surpr-ice

kinder-surprice Imagine, combining the joy of Kinder Surprise chocolate and the surprise of the toy with another all-time favourite for kids: icecream.

The idea is simple, instead of the hollow shell there’s delicious vanilla or other icecream inside the Kinder Surpise. The whole thing is a bit bigger then normal Kinder Eggs to allow for more icecream.
The container has a additional stick to it’s bottom for better eating and holding, en plus it’ll avoid kids choking on it which opens it up for sale in countries where it’s banned.

Alas I do not own this product (ie Kinder Surprises) nor a factory to make it… And I haven’t gotten to the point yet of being a jackass and telling them this idea I have. They should have come up with it already no?!

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