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Date:April 17, 2011


mangestoutesManges-Toutes started off as a casual game intended for IOS or Android but, thanks to my inability to program, has turned into a boardgame.

The basic premise of the game remains the same: You are a character whose sole purpose in the game is to eat food. That food however can be mixed and matched in one of the character’s 3 stomachs into a delicious dish worthy of a Ramsey-dish. Players will eat food, falling from the sky in a Tetris-like manner while dodging their opponents schemes to become the Master Chef.

For more information please download the manual about the workings on this future boardgame. Please note: this is a preliminary pdf, it has not been spell-checked to death and is intended for review and feedback purposes only. If you find any errors and/or remarks regarding the rules and others please leave a comment.

Although the game is still undergoing tweaks and we are still playtesting it will hopefully be finished soon and ready for a decent Test-Version.

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