"The dirty cop said that opinions are like arseholes, and those arseholes sure take a lot of dumps in a lot of places these days. I guess it's time to join before bullshitting gets out of fashion."
Date:May 04, 2014

Murder? Most foul!

In Murder? Most Foul! you play as one of the esteemed guests of a high-class dinner party celebrating the return of the Baron from his newest expedition. Besides getting their hands on the mystical island idol and all the dinner pleasantries however each attendee has their own reasons to be at the party. From theft to outright murder the guests will play their hidden agenda’s and try to get through the evening unscathed.

Find out who is eyeing for the death of the baron, who the terrorist is, which two attendees are lovers and many more. Murder? Most foul! is a deduction game where you will figure out who is at teh party for what.

(more information coming soon)

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