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Date:April 17, 2011

Reverse RPG

An as of yet untitled first person shooter game that is similar but unlike the other games in the genre.

In most games your character will start of as a weakling only to grow to someone superior. Strength and agility is given during the trial you have to endure as the difficulty rises exponentially. This game however will have the player start of with everything on max, gradually however the player will lose stats and skills making the game more and more difficult.

The loss of these skills are both created by keypoints where the player loses certain abilities as well as certain tactical situations where the player has to decide what skill+ability to sacrifice. In the end however the player will be a feeble character trying to survive the massive onslaught that is bestowed upon him/her. The storyline will decide whether the player regains strength (and memory) and will open up for interesting storytelling and twists.

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