"The dirty cop said that opinions are like arseholes, and those arseholes sure take a lot of dumps in a lot of places these days. I guess it's time to join before bullshitting gets out of fashion."

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  • 04.07.2016 – Everything is basically on-hold for now. Working to get things started in different ways and doing regular work mostly.
  • 17.01.2016 – A new year, a new goal. My boardgame designs are still being worked on but very slow. Still painting card after card. The plan is to print & play a couple for testing or find a way to create them virtually with Tabletopia.
  • 01.10.2015 – A lot of painting for different games (the Conclave, Paper Wars, Murder Most Foul, Evil Genius, etc)
  • xx.09.2015 – Started on a new idea: Rap God.
  • 15.09.2015 – Created logo’s for Rock Bottom, card backgrounds & logo for the Grift.
  • 14.09.2015 – Created logo’s for The Bokkerijders, Duck & Cover, and started painting several boards.
  • 09.06.2015 – Continuing development on The Bokkerijders, created preliminary map and fleshed out the rules.
  • 18.05.2015 – Started 3 new ideas: the Grift, Cola Wars and Rock Bottom. Excited about these three.
  • 25.04.2015 – Finshed rulebook for Timeline. Still has to finish all cards and era’s and their effects.
  • 18.04.2015 – Finished all Evil Genius Inc building tiles and incorporated them into Indesign files.
  • 05.04.2015 – Finished all Propaganda posters for Solid State after having massive export problems due to a SHITTY MAC.

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