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Update in a new year

Another year has past and a new year awaits, once again. In 2013 I’ve been very busy with all types of projects with most of them being about boardgames. The large parts of me free time are spent making my own boardgames I hope one day can be played by others. These games include:

Besides these projects and some others I am not mentioning here I’ve still been following my 1500 series during my commutes to and from work. The boardgame hobby has also been taking away time with game purchases and plays of Pandemic, Love Letter, Agents of Smersh, Nothing Personal, Jamaica and others. It still remains to be seen if I’ll ever play my two oldest and unplayed games “Game of Thrones 2nd Edition” and “The Hellgame” though.

On a videogame related note I’ve mostly been playing GTAV and GTAV online since it’s easily a pick-up-and-play game that I can combine with my family and projects during my free times. I really wish there was more time to play gems such as Bayonetta, Red Dead Redemption and Dante’s Inferno though… and all the great games the PC has and had to offer ofcourse.

But 2014 has just started so we have more time to spend, let’s hope it won’t be the disaster-year almost everyone seems to think it will be.

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