"The dirty cop said that opinions are like arseholes, and those arseholes sure take a lot of dumps in a lot of places these days. I guess it's time to join before bullshitting gets out of fashion."

About these projects

I’m someone who likes to make a lot of things in all kinds of areas. I’ve always had my pet-projects, as a kid I typed over mythology books from the library so I could mix and match them into my own stories. I wanted to make Ghostbusters comics and have my own series of Garbage Pail Kids. I had my design document for a beat’m up game that combined Street Fighter with Mortal Kombat which had a very large list of fatalities and characters. I even wrote a 200 page scenario for a comic about the Apocalypse; I unfortunately don’t think I still have a copy of that lying around some of my dusty CD’s or floppies though. I don’t think I ever fruitfully completed any of them unfortunately but in a way they still live on to this day.

Here’s a collection of projects that I have planned however. Some of them are old projects that still need a lot of work but I hope, one day, that I’ll bring these to completion. I just need time, money and sometimes a little help to finish ‘m. Not too much to ask is it!?


Augmented Reality Co-Running

Put on your AR-gear and run along with any of our models. Running will never be boring again!

The Rejects

In "The Rejects" you are a recruiter who tries to create the best team possible out of several types

The Grift

In 'The Grift' you play a reknown con-man who is going to con several marks out of their money.

Rock Bottom

Become one of the most notorious druglords in town and destroy your competitors.

Soda Wars

In Soda Wars you play as one of the soda-pop companies trying to discover the secret ingrediënts to

Evil Genius Incorporate

Become the most infamous Evil Genius in the world.


Timeline is a game where you are a Time Travellers sent back into time to fix a "wrong".

Duck & Cover

In Duck & Cover you're a nuclear family living under the threat of Nuclear War in an era resembling

The Bokkereyders

The Bokkereyders is an as of yet undefined boardgame where you play as one of the Bokkereyders or th

Paper Wars

Paper Wars is a racing game where you play one of the paperboys competing in town to get the most mo

Bronze City

Bronze City is a worker-placement game that combines elements from Monopoly, Tammany Hall and Lords

Solid State

Solid State is a worker placement card-game where you are either an omnipresent being, called The Ov

The Heist

RPG-Boardgame where you play as either the robbers, cops or bank in an attempt to avoid or succeed i

Dice of Fury

Dice of Fury is a fast-paced dice game where you're fighting eachother in hand to hand combat.


Coffee! is a fast-paced cardgame where players play an overworked employee in dire need of some cofe

Hollow Threat

My attempt at a wargame set in the world found at center of the Earth: The Hollow Earth.

Gog & Magog

Gog and Magog is an upcoming adventure game where you and your fellow players will try to avoid the

The Pickpockets

Pickpocket your opponents and get the most loot at the end of the game.

Murder? Most foul!

The Baron, newly returned from an expedition, holds a dinner party. All the guests however have thei


Anatta is a strategic party game that is currently in development. It will feature a large board whe

Booby Trap

Booby Trap is a game much in the vibe of Robo-Rally where you are playing a spy trapped on a mysteri


Misanthropia is a rudimentary game idea for a board/card game that pitches extremely obnoxious and u

The Conclave

After being hooked by Steve Jackson’s Revolution which is a very rudementary worker-placement/

High Noon

In High Noon you are one of the Wild West's most reknown gunslingers pitched against an opponent of

Kinder Surpr-ice

Only the best possible children's candy ever.


Tetris-lie puzzle game where you combine foods to score points and combo's.

‘t Fort

Idea for a comedy series based on The Office but in a factory environment.

Movies & Series

A list of movies I'd love to make if I had the time, money and resources.

INWO Online

I demand an online version of the cardgame INWO so I can finally play this game!!
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A list of screenplays I'm trying to write.

The Game

Top down shooter based on the lost classic SmashTV.

Carnatine 2000

Car-combat game based on classics such as Carmageddon.


It's 8:15 and something is about to happen. Find out in this classic adventure.

The War

First person shooter with rpg and stor-telling elements with a twist.

Reverse RPG

Roleplaying action game where you slowly decay instead of get stronger.

All Out Fairy Tale

First person shoot & beat 'm up in a twisted fairy tale setting.
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The A-Team Adventure

The adventures of a crack commando unit who was sent to prison for a crime they didn't commit.

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