The concept of All Out Fairy Tale originated from the mind of our Lead Mansemat. He forsaw a surreal world much like ours in which well-known fairy tale characters would live and act. A world which consists of real life architectural and cultural styles opens up before you and reveals a dark secret. Our fighter, known to us all from our childhood, raise their fists and guns and go into a combat... an all out war with eachother and the dark forces behind the slow demise of the Enchanted World.

We've chosen to be different and make the characters and general setting in a more mature manner, a world like our that consists of violence, sex, politics, deceat and all other 'fun' stuff many of us have to deal with every day. Mansemat has found -sometimes very twisted- analogies between the fairy tales and real life and wanted to portray fairy tales as that what they really are: warnings. As we all know fairy tales are bound to scare kids and are heavy on morale and perhaps so is "All Out Fairy Tale". There are things under the surface that reveal a wider view, something deeper. As you play "All Out Fairy Tale" and read through these pages you'll find out what the small prints are and if you don't you'll just have a great time!

Besides analogies we've also included some references of things to pass. If you listen and look well perhaps you will see something recognisable from a game, a movie, a song,... something. There will be loads to be discovered and we do this to honour those who were before us. The pioneers, the people that made this possible, the people that built the foundations.

Well let's stop the blabbering and have a look at what All Out Fairy Tale is huh?! (see the menu's below!)




Check out All Out Fairy Tale @ modDB topmods listing!
Check out All Out Fairy Tale @ modDB topmods listing!








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