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  1. What is "All Out Fairy Tale"?
    • All Out Fairy Tale is a total modification for Unreal Tournament 2004 which combines first person shooter with beat'm up and other elements. You crawl into the skin of fighters based upon well-known fairy tale characters that battle against each other by any means possible... a true street fight with both melee- as weapon-based fights.
  2. Fairy Tale characters, aren't they for kids?!
    • No, not necessarily, in All Out Fairy Tale all characters have their twist and you can trust our word on it that it won't be for kids at all.
  3. Weapons vs melee? Won't the weapon win all the time?
    • We will incorporate some kind of balance system with bonusses and penalties for each type of 'weapon'. Weapons require ammo, melee doesn't, weapons can jam, hands not, etc... Balancing won't be done by making melee combat super powerful. Melee combat however will be the only way in which you can use special moves.
  4. I read about them special moves but what's the difference with special abilities?
    • Special abilities are much like special moves which can be performed in any mode, whether it's melee, weapon or another. Special abilities are often character-based meaning not everyone has them, they include the possibility to fly, breathe underwater, regenerate, etc.
  5. What's the difference between personal and general weapons? And what's this melee, bludgeoning, piercing, slicing, projectile, magical and miscellanious stuff with the weapons?
    • Personal Weapons are weapons that belong to a fighter from the start, some of can't be used by other people or fall out of their hands. General weapons are weapons you can find in the level you are and can be used by almost all fighters.
    • The sub-categories of weapons aren't that important (at least not for you guys) but I'll explain them nonetheless...
      Melee weapons; are your own weapons, your hands, feet, throws etc.
      • Piercing weapons; are weapons that pierce, simple... these consist of daggers, darts, etc but also normal everyday weapons such as a colt, .45, uzi's and the likes.
      • Bludgeoning weapons; are weapons that inflict damage by crushing such as hammers, mace's, large chains etc.
      • Slicing weapons; are weapons that inflict damage by slicing such as swords.
      Explosive weapons; are what the name implies, explosives!
      • Magical weapons; are weapons that inflict damage or discomfort by means of magic
      • Miscellaneous weapons; are weapons where we didn't find a place for in the above categories. :p
    • Ofcourse you'll have weapons that will combine these features but the damage inflicted is always either one or another with the exception of magical weapons and some miscellaneous weapons.
  6. Do you have a features list or even better some kind of community roadmap to explain what you are trying to do then?
    • We might incorporate a roadmap of some kind in a later stage of devellopment but it depends on how secretive we want to be with the mod-features.
  7. Why did you choose to make a beat'm up?
    • When we started this mod the beat'm up was a genre that was long forgotten and we wished to revive it into this age. Yet apparently we weren't the only ones and during the process of making the mod alot of big companies started announcing beat'm up games... They will be tough competition but we love a fight!
  8. What will you need to play this?
    • You will need a legal copy of Unreal Tournament 2004, the most recent updates and drivers. You'll most likely won't be able to play it with Unreal Tournament 2003 unfortunatly.
  9. What are the objectives?
    Main objective is winning a total of maximum 3 rounds like any other fighting game but there are certain maps that require other means. Some maps have a real objective that requires a solution. We'll present these different gameplay objectives in the roadmap or in future updates.
  10. Can you team up with other fighters?
    • Yes, you can join another team or form a team which will battle against the others. In this case victory will be achieved on two levels, your personal and the team victory. A losing team will have less points then the winning one, which is evident. Your personal score however could be higher then a personal score of a fighter on the winning team. You can ofcourse remain solitary. Anything could be possible; 1vs2vs8 in one match for example is something we will try to achieve.
  11. But won't the people that aren't in the team lose this way all the time?
    • No, not necessarily. First of all you always have your personal score, if you fight well you will always be on top. Secondly, on some occasions the fighters who are in minority will have certain bonusses, we'll still have to perfectionise this though. But imagine you winning against a 15 headed team? A true street fighter!
  12. Will there be a manual for all this?
    • Ofcourse there will be a manual but we don't have a game yet so you'll have to wait before you can get it. We'll even try to mimick the arcade method of teaching things (showing it onscreen with animated buttons showing what and how).
  13. Is this a multiplayer or singleplayer mod?
    • We'll start with multiplayer and possibly add a singleplayer option later on in the devellopment in which you will be able to fight your way up the ladder and experience your characters journey towards his destiny.
  14. Will there be tournaments and other competative activities?
    • That depends on the popularity of the game, the community, availability of servers and a shitload of other reasons.
  15. What about cheaters, do you have figured out something for this?
    • Yes but we're not going into detail as of yet since we are still looking for better ways to fight cheaters. We'll possibly wait until we see what the cheaters do until we act.
  16. Can I use AOFT textures, models, skins or other related material for my own purposes?
    • The only way you are allowed to use anything originating from All Out Fairy Tale, it's teammembers or other related material is by asking permission. Everything on this site is copyrighted by international laws and using it without permission can have serious concequences for the perpetrators.
  17. What's with all these so-called links to religion, culture, politics and stuff like that?
    • We'd like to have a game that works on several levels, that perhaps will make you think or at least will make you smile. Also, fairy tales are in fact quite moralic stories to keep children at bay... perhaps you should look at All Out Fairy Tale like that as well except it's for 'adults'.
  18. So that's why you put the mature logo on the site? You mean kids can't play it?
    • The more people play it the better, whether the person playing it is 12 or 55 doesn't matter to us. As long as they are mature enough to play decently then we don't have problems with that. Regarding the violence and sex: there are parents for something, we are not teachers, if parents don't want you to play this they should prevent it. It's only a game and should be dealt with as such, it's not real and it's not supposed to be done in the real world. But unfortunatly it is so it's up to us to keep it in the virtual world.
  19. I don't see the link between [insert A here] and [insert B link], would you care to explain?
    • If people are interested we'll explain but we won't do it by ourselves... we think.
  20. What kind of characters do you have planned?
    • We have planned all major fairy tale characters with a possibility to expand to others on a much later date. A complete list of characters can be found HERE. They will gradually be released in packs every release.
  21. Which characters will be in release 1?
    • We haven't decided that yet.
  22. Will you have finishing moves?
    • Possibly but it's not on our priority list AND insues certain problems we still have to solve. We'll inform you when the era of finishing moves arrives.
  23. What are "multi-characters"?
    • We aren't going into detail with this yet for two reasons. The main one being that the concept of it is very new
  24. Will there be vehicles?
    • We don't see a way, yet, to incorporate vehicles in our maps and the fighting. Adding them will make it into a war, which perhaps will be good but it adds an added difficulty regarding the beat'm up elements. Melee VS tank anyone??
  25. Aren't you guys taking a tad too much hay on your fork?
    • Perhaps we are but we are motivated and want to finish this mod! We aren't called "Insanity Ward" for nothing either. :)
  26. Will there be public beta tests?
    • When the time comes we'll announce that beta tests are open and you will be able to apply at that point.
  27. Can I be a beta tester?
    • Perhaps, but beta tests aren't open yet so you can't apply. We require our beta testers to be dedicated, punctual and have a good eye for bugs. People that don't come to organised beta tests won't be tolerated. But that's for later!
  28. Can I join the team?
    • You are always free to apply HERE but be warned that we test our possible members thoroughly.
  29. Can I help you in other ways then?
    • I can't think of ways that you can help me right now, if you think you can help then please provide and announce it on our forums. We'll read it and notify you if your help is useful and/or welcome.
  30. Is it possible to help you in a financial way?
    • Although we do not request people to support us financially money ofcourse is always welcome. Unfortunatly we do not have the means yet to accept donations of any kind, if you persist you can always contact Mansemat.
  31. When will All Out Fairy Tale be finished?
    • We don't know and we aren't sticking any date on it. We don't believe in the tactics of hyping a release date as it only makes people NOT want the game they waited for such a long time. If something does happen on the release date then something really serious happened... but we're far from that though! :)

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Check out All Out Fairy Tale @ modDB topmods listing!








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