Welcome to "All Out Fairy Tale", a UT2004 total conversion modification that will try to bring back the era of the good old beat'm ups in a fairy tale setting.

- Unique multiplayer next gen beat'm up with later development into single player
- Play with 15+ unique characters based on the famous fairy tales we were raised with twisted and distorted for more mature eyes
- Combat with different types of weapons ranging from guns to swords to... a big piece of ham O_o
- Strategize and use tactics: employ brute force or deviously-placed booby traps to achieve victory.
- Fight battles involving one-on-one to 15 versus 1 to an all out war! Team up and take on your foes or go on a solo spree.
- Each character has his/her/their own special moves and abilities for battle.
- Taunt your foes; affect their power.
- Build your rage and unleash an alternate - more powerful - form.
- Music based on children's songs but, like the rest of the mod, with an edge.
- Don't believe that fairy tales are kiddie! We'll reveal the true meanings of fairy tales. Do you think pushing an old hag in an oven and burning her alive is suitable for children? Well, "All Out Fairy Tale" goes further.
- Realism in a fantasy setting? "Ironsights", fairy tale ballistics, and realistic physics combined with fantasy to produce a surreal experience you are not likely to soon forget.
- Interact with environments that can aid you in victory.
- Choose to participate in original, unconventional gameplay or enjoy revised popular gametypes.
- Perform devestating finishing moves to utterly destroy your opponent.
- This and more... will be...
                             "All Out Fairy Tale"




Check out All Out Fairy Tale @ modDB topmods listing!
Check out All Out Fairy Tale @ modDB topmods listing!








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