by Mansemat
Thursday, February 17th, 2005 at 12:44 AM

Some people claimed we are dead but as you can see and will notice in the following update, the first of the year of our lard 2005, we are anything but. We've been busy on content for the past few months and have come up with some nice eyecandy. We've removed some excessive baggage from our team, baggage that only slowed down the rest and have gone on with the dedicated and motivated core we need. I would wish to thank these people for they prove, each day, that they are a worthy asset of this team and I know we will get this game out in a manner we will be proud of. When that will be is up to many other factors. Ok so far for the politics, let's see what we have come up with in the past months besides some holidays and personal shit we all deal with now and then.

I myself have finally finished all the character paintings for AOFT plus some extra's we'll be discussing later. Feel free to check out these characters who finally have a face for you: "The Evil Witch, Grandma, Gepetto, Captain Hook, The Miller, The Prince, The Princess, The Queen, The Ratcatcher of Hamelen (aka The Pied Piper), SnowWhite and RoseRed, RumplesStiltskin and Sleeping Beauty."

Check their profiles HERE.
I also made some painting for other characters, yes, there will be other characters in the far future versions of this game. Non Player Characters to be exact that will be added 'in time' after all the main characters get in there. Here are a few examples of them...

Jack Pumpkinhead - The Ogre - The Card Soldier

Croc - Mother Cunicul

Tweedledee Tweedledum - Caterpillar - The Tin Soldier

Donkey - Mock Turtle

More info about this feature and the characters themselves can be found HERE. As you can see this feature is, for most characters still under development conceptwise, or maybe that's just a lie... who knows? (Well I do!-ed.) There will be more added but these are the large part of the NPC that will be added in time, so be patient.

Our modellers have been busy with working on some stuff for you lot, they have made a tad more then the below shown ones but we are keeping some others for later dates. A special thanks for Johnneyboy and Tanuko for making these.

To the left is the superb model of "The Cardsoldier" made by Johnneyboy. It still looks for a decent skinner like all of our models so you'll just have to wait to see what the final product will be like. Johnneyboy also did the model for the first of two types of "Fighting Trees" that will be
found in specific maps in the Enchanted World.
"The Forest of Fighting Trees" is filled with these nasty little enemies that will beat your character to pulp when they get a hand at you. We already skinned this little fella and Johnneyboy was kind enough to make a animation for it. We're keeping the animation behind closed doors since it's
still a work in process but we'll include it as soon as possible in a next update. "The Fighting Trees" will be a stationary static that will attack when someone nears a certain radius around them. We're going to construct the level in such a way that the use of these trees could well be very useful in your own survival or victory. The second type of Fighting Tree still lies on the drawing board and will be a meaner and more Hellish version of this tree and will be located in the forest where Little Thumb was abandoned by his parents. Nuff said that the mental state of Thumb had enough beatings thanks to this race.

One of the things we have planned for AOFT is an as interactive game as possible. Besides having 30-plus characters in time with their own special abilities, moves etc and large array of weapons and the personal playingstyle of the players we will try to add some other things to spice up the game and keep it from deteriorating into a mindless pulp game. We will try to incorporate some interactive environments that can be used tactically in your fights, there will be multiple instances that can turn the gameplay in a second either in your favour or your opponents, but one of the main features will be something that has been seen in few first person, let alone beat'm up, games... Nothing new, but unbelievable absent from many games was the ability to pick up everything possible and use it as a weapon. We're trying, and already succeeding, to make objects for the game that can be used as a weapon orpowerup. For instance, when you fight in the Queen's Castle it could well be that you decide to chomp the food for some extra strength and use the candleabra as a weapon... Hell maybe we'll even try to figure out how to use the plate after eating the food. Here are some examples:

The Dwarven Boot, a Flail, Broom Sword and Jacks's Rake.

To the left you have the Millers powerfull bludgeoning weapon "The Witches Hammer" and the infamous weapon/item written by the mad Arab Abdul Al-Hazred: "The Necronomicon". We won't go into the specifics about using spellbooks such as the Necromicon yet but we'll keep you updated soon enough.Let's just say, once more that we have special things planned for these kind of weapons that haven't been seen.
To the right are some previously released "Candy Canes" which will most likely be an item that will either benefit you or your enemy., a typical "Enchanted World Sign" always usefull for directions or a good clubbing. A "Typical House" (which is btw unusable as a weapon to be clear) and a few parts of the in the future complete "Chessboard" mainly being "The Pawn" and "The Horse" designation secret.
Oh and there will ofcourse be a chance for everyone to taste the delicate flavours of several types of "Mushrooms" (either normal or enchanted ones) which will, like in real life, have certain effects on the body and gameplay of your chosen character.

There will be a wide array of weapons to chose from, some are personal for the players and others will be found in the levels in which you fight. We might include other ways to get weapons since we're sute certain people will want a specific weapon for their use... we won't work with loadouts though as it's not the essence of the game. But who knows... a shop maybe, wishing well, whatever we can come up with... but be sure that in the Enchanted World nothing is without its cost!

Some more examples of the weapons: above a beautifull "Katana" used by "The Frog King". To it's left is the formidable and quaint weapon"the Card Soldier" uses which is a combination of a flail and a scythe.
Oh and "The Mining Cart Stop" is just there because I didn't have a spot to put it elsewhere! :p So no, this is not a weapon but just a static... we think.

To the left is the already shown "Beating Heart" by Tanuko which will be a objective inside the Queens Castle. Objectives will be added in time to the game and add extra possibilities and points into winning the combat. We'll include more objective based option into the game to keep it more interactive and open for future play. Depending on our mood you'll have to either finish the objective or you can decide to just win by fighting eachother. We have some nice ones at hand and even one funny one that will raise eyes in the first person shooting genre.

Below are some models of the first trees that will be seen in the Enchanted Forests courtesy of our most busy modeller Johnneyboy.

One of the key things in a game ofcourse is a HUD, at first we were trying to do an intuitive HUD without bars or anything by using real-life features to simulate pain or distress. We decided to step away from that idea cause well, some other features are daring enough for us to crack our heads for us not to add a HUD that will pose even more problems. Here are the main three hud types.
- Timer - Countdown timer.
- Flight - How long you can still remain airborn.
- Magic - How much magic you have left.
- Compass - Defines your direction.
- Altitude - Defines your height.
- Mini-Map - The name says it all.
- Special Ability - Current selected special ability.
- Health & Respiration -
How much health or air you have left.
- Bloodloss - How much blood you lose.
- Current Weapon - Current weapon in use.
- Rage Meter - How enraged you are.
So far for the first part of the HUD, which is the main HUD that is open at all the second on that can be opened with the Special Move button.
Special Move Disc - This is basically a more intuitive approach to the famed methods from other beat'm ups to get special moves (ie up, down, left etc). I always got annoyed that I couldn't pull them off, especially the fatalities, so I made this so the game can remain fun even for the people that don't have 24/7 to practice the moves.Now you read fatalities but we're still having a look on howto incorporate these fun little death-moves in a 3D environment such as AOFT. Noone has done it before so we'll just wait and see if we can pull it off... in time huh?
And finally the last part of the Hud in All Out Faity Tale: "The Inventory".
- Play Screen - A small heads up to what is happening around you so you can put down the backpack when needed.
- Equiped Items - Small items you have equiped.
- Equipment - Basically the same thing as the above but for lasting items.
- Inventory Grid - RPG, Diablo and DeusEx like inventory system.
- Character Screen - Your character and mode
- Item Boxes I, II and III - Equiped Items with fast buttons (potions, packs etc) that last one use..
That's about all there is to say about the HUD right now, I think it's complete and I doubt there will be new things added.

I think that was all the stuff we needed to show you, I don't know for sure but let's go on with an important message from us. From the start of this mod we had difficulties deciding which engine we were going to use. The options were stand-alone (like Torque), UT2003/4 and Half Life 2. The first option fell away quite quickly, due to the reasons that many people would have to readjust and the fact we're all flat-broke. The lasting options were UT and Half Life. Now we all know how long we had to wait for the second engine to come out and many grew tired of it, even me, so I then took a decision to start the first development on the UT engine. Now that a year has past and Half Life storms the shelves -you're hearing me coming right- we decided to do what we meant to do from the start and go devellop for Half Life. The main reason being the incredible mod-community and support Valve and Half Life have, the other are a more easy method of developing with the more common language of C++ that can be used rather then the more specified Uscript. The decision doesn't change alot for us, except for some pissed off mappers (sorry chaps!) who worked hard on some maps that will now have to be converted to the Half Life engine. So in short and for the untrained brains out there:



Hell maybe we'll decide to change again in some time who knows, and who cares? This games concept and the whole game itself is not gonna change with the engine it runs on, it can only get better. But let's just see shall we?? ;)

In moving to a new engine we open ourselves up for possible new recruits that will join us in our quest to make this game happen and more. We are still looking for alot of dedicated members and for some positions we want the more the merrier. We're an open and close team and like motivated and dedicated people, slackers will be dealt with accordingly such has been done in the past for a couple of times. We don't ask our members much, all we ask is communication and something each couple of times. It's possible and welcomed to insert your own creativity in many aspects of this game, yet certain things will NOT change or shall be subjected by a thorough look by moi-même. The open positions are...

We are looking for modellers and static meshers who have a good knowledge of the most common 3D-Applications and a base of how game-moddeling works. We require good modellers to make our extensive database of weapons, meshes, characters, items and buildings.
Our characters and weapons need to be animated in order to have a nice game. We request that our animators animate well and are willing to change things where needed. The freedom you have as an animator is very good, except for certain character traits you are free to animate the character as you wish as long as it "fits".
We require talented texturers that can give our Fairy Tale world it's comforting dark and moody appearance. We don't require photorealistic textures but will be happy if they are. Knowledge of photoshop or any other digital painting program are a must, owning a digital camera is a plus.
Our character, weapon and item models need a skin. We require semi detailed skins that don't necessarily have to be super realistic. We won't bitch over a missing screw on a weapon, character skins however will be requested to match the sketch as close as possible. For more information on how we would like the textures to look please ask. Knowledge of Photoshop and other digital painting programs is a must, knowlegde of unwrapping is a plus.
You are the builders of the Enchanted World, we require your talents and knowledge of the Half Life Editor to make the gamemaps. Sketches will be given for planned maps but the mapper will be given enough freedom to fill the gaps in the sketches and make their own, fitting, unplanned maps. Our maps will need to be dark and moody, knowledge of lighting and atmosphere creation are a plus.
                               Sound Effect Artists
Our world at the moment is void of sounds. We will require multiple SFX Artist and/or Foley artists to make all sounds within the AOFT world. These include movement, fighting, ambiences, voices and other sounds. The creative freedom of the SFX artist is garanteed yet we have certain characters who already have a voice and character in my mind. We want as much original sounds as possible so please try to limit the ripping of sounds coming from any other media as much as possible. Knowledge of common audioprograms is a must, access to a studio is a plus.
The key to any game and mod, you are the creators of everything. We require several coders to make the game into what we have. We request our coders to be open for new things and willing to work around certain possible problems via discussion to make this mod one of the best around. Knowledge of the most common programming languages like C++ required.

There are currently NO vacancies for the following tasks

Public Relations

If you really wish to help you're always free to apply via the same methods as the above, we will review your case and will notify you in time of our answer.

All applicants will be requested to make a small, minor sample for the game in the essence of a model, sound, etc. We have taken this measure due to an alarming rate of people who proposed to work with us but didn't meet up with the requirements of showing anything. Making a sample proves your motivation to be on our team and also shows the skills we can expect from you. All samples will be property of "All Out Fairy Tale" and "Insanity Ward" due to the provided concept material, entries will remain credited to the maker. We will not act lightly upon slackers or other people who join for no reason whatsoever. We don't ask much just communication and dedication, whether you make 432 or 2 models in 4 months doesn't really matter, but please do something. Ofcourse 432 is better and you'll be liked more ofcourse. ;)

If you wish to apply please send Email to Mansemat with the following:

- Name,Nick and Age
- Contact methods (Email, YIM, MSN or AIM)
- Which vacancy you're applying for
- Samples of your work
(if you don't have samples, we will give you some)
- Reason why you wish to work on the mod [optional]
- past experiences [optional]
- anything else you see fit to tell us [optional]

We are a dedicated mod team and will finish this project no matter what, we have certain goals that we'll try to accomplish with or without a punch in the face. You'll be able to grow and make your own creative input in the mod but most of all you'll have to remember that it has to be fun to make so it can be fun to play. Anyways, we hope to be hearing from you soon!!!

Well thats about it for now, we will continue the development and hope some new and fresh members will be added in the future, speeding up the process of the creation of All Out Fairy Tale. So biddy-well guv'nah, we'll be seeing you lot again... soon ;)










Check out All Out Fairy Tale @ modDB topmods listing!
Check out All Out Fairy Tale @ modDB topmods listing!








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