"The world can be challenging, you're trying to find what you look for and find that personality that matches. It's a harsh place, you look at it through a cold, hard screen, void of soul; bleak and empty it stares back like Nietzsche's mirror. That's where I come in."

"I got a cool coloringbook today. It has drawings, and a hero, and enemies. And the evil Dr. Wily who takes away the princess. I'm gonna be black, and blue, and my hair Saijen. Shoryukenameha!!"

Juggling with
Ideas; and bringing your dreams
To reality.
Seeking the challenge and always ready.
Enhancing for you my creativity.
Logos, designs, web, illustrations.
Endless creation.
Modelling, movies and animations.
Making together a R-
No limits, for my art is your

I loathe IE6, dislike Lorem Ipsum and my hairs curl when I hear people discussing the dread of comic sans but all you really need to know is that, whatever way possible, I'll get the job done...

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"It is good to drift with the flow of the river, towards the sea, but at times it's wise to swim against it, towards the heights of the mountain."