Whether you want a flyer printed for your event, a nice illustration for your birth-card, an infographic for your company or a full-fledged website for your business:

HAVE NO FEAR! I am at your disposal!

Below are a few of the services I offer with extensive information on each subject. On the bottom of the page you’re also able to find some information that might be useful when we are in business together.



Classic media

from 10€/sketch

  • Quick pencil or pen drawing
  • Low detail
  • Convey an idea
  • Step to a finished drawing

Digital media

from 75-250€

  • Digital artwork
  • Up to 2h and more work
  • Slight changes possible
  • Fully realised painting


from 200€

  • Vector image
  • Infographics
  • Easily changed
  • All sizes and filetypes possible

Classic media

from 350€

  • Starting with sketch
  • Different mediums possible
  • Please enquire about
    possibilities & cost


Small Site

from 500€

  • 1 to 4 pages
  • One-pager design
  • Simple Gallery
  • Simple contact form

Large Site

from 1300€

  • 5 to 8 pages
  • Personalised Gallery
  • Extensive contact page
  • Simple slider


from 3000€

  • 9 pages & more
  • Slider, Gallery & Forms
  • Webshop
  • Enquire for all options

All sites


  • Email  & analytics
  • WordPress CMS
  • Extremely expandable
  • Protection & Backups

Optional extra's

Modern websites require visuals, either image or video. If you cannot provide these visuals yourself we can use stock-photography sites such as Shutterstock to fill the required spaces. If need be we can offer a shoot by a fellow photographer at a decent price.
– The addition of stock- and custom photography will be an additional cost per photograph

All sites require hosting. If you prefer to leave the selection and creation of a host to us we are happy to do so. We will find a suitable host and register your desired URL, set it up and create the site for a small fee.
– A nominal fee will be requested for the duration of the contract to set up site-hosting. A site hosted by us will usually be maintained by us unless otherwise requested..

We create websites with WordPress, a very understandable and fairly easy CMS anyone who knows a little about Word and the Internet can use. It’s well documented but if you prefer to keep your site in optimal maintenance we can offer help.
– For a monthly fee we can keep your site up to date and running smooth, reducing risks and solving any problems that might occur.

Search Engine Optimisation is an important part of the modern internet. Our sites have a basic setting for the so-called SEO or Social Media Awareness. Better SEO options are ofcourse available but require a lot of time and input from both sides. Please inform if you wish to look into our SEO optimisations.
– If you wish to have your site SEO’d you can for a monthly fee.

If you wish to have your site available in multiple languages that’s possible. Although we are fluent in English and Dutch we do advise you to use copywriters and/or translators for your texts to avoid problems.
– Each additional language will have a fix one-time fee. Please enquire if you wish to have us translate your texts as we might need to find outside help for certain languages.

Graphic Design


from 100€

  • Custom logo based on your requests and company vibe.
  • From early sketches to
    finalised product.


from 250€

  • 1 page layout
  • Up to 4 alternatives
  • 2 correction rounds
  • PDF or suitable DOC


from 450€

  • 4-12 pages layout
  • 2 design corrections
  • 4 correction rounds
  • Print-PDF


from 800€

  • 16 pages and more
  • 4 design corrections
  • 8 correction rounds
  • Print-ready

General information

Below you can find some useful information that will speed up the process to create your work, avoiding many recurring pitfalls we encounter during the design and production process. If there are any more or other questions do not hesitate to ask.

  • A general idea or concept from which I can work with if that’s possible.
  • Samples, information and pictures are always welcome if you wish something to look a certain way.
  • Though we cannot print ourselves any of our pdf’s will be print-ready and usable with any printer. Any other format is available as well as the original files where needed.
  • Whether the piece is intended for print or digital (web, screens, etc).
  • What the dimensions will be of the final piece.
  • If you wish traditional art please inquire if I have sufficient materials and paints to create the piece and be sure to add additional information about the size and feel of the piece that you wish to have.
  • Please be aware that almost anything is possible in Photoshop and image manipulation but time and final quality will depend partially on the delivered images or content..
  • For retouching and photo manipulations any required pictures need to be delivered to me in the highest resolution possible. The better and more uniform the better the end result. If no pictures are available we will use sites such as Shutterstock where required and allowed.
  • Mixing low quality with high quality pictures is possible but will create a visual difference in the manipulation.
  • Downscaling a picture is much more feasable then upscaling a low quality/size one to a large.
  • All texts needed to fill the media will need to be delivered. Preferably written in a word or notepad.
  • Please do not write your texts in ALL CAPS as I will need to rewrite everything adding to the cost.
  • Any texts are inserted as is. Any errors in the copy I find can be fixed ofcourse, if I oversee any it’s best you provide a correct document.
  • Any personalised pictures need to be given in at least 150 to 300dpi for best quality. If no pictures are available sites such as Shutterstock can offer them at a fee. We can also contact photographers to create photo’s and shoots though their rates and availability will vary.
  • Magazines and books work in a multitude of 4 pages. Be sure to have enough content to fill each page, if not we will have to get creative to fill the empty pages. The higher the page count the higher the cost here and at the printer.
  • Websites need content, both visual as textual. Though we can help fill the website with content it’s crucial that sufficient text and images are delivered in order to create a website for you or your company.
  • Though jpg’s and png’s are ok, it’s better to have original ai’s or other workable files to ensure more variation. Recreating logo’s takes time.
  • There are several necessary things in order for me to make a site. If you are unable to do so I’m able to acquire these for you if necessary.
  • If you already have an url and hosting we will need all logins to CPanel or other provider back-ends, FTP or other hosting related accounts. Without it I cannot create a site for you on that host.
  • For the best workflow all pictures, texts and other content you wish to have on your site are best delivered by you. If unavailable we will use Shutterstock and other sites to fill the content where necessary.
  • Texts are best delivered in notepad or wordpad and in regular casing (not in ALL CAPS as this will ensure me to rewrite most or all of it)
  • In order for any E-Commerce site to be functional we will need the payment and account information in order for customers to buy on your site.
  • Depending on which payment method you select we might have to use third-party companies who often require a monthly fee for usage. Some of the payment methods will require additional plugins and/or services to be bought.
  • All products will require the necessary information where needed. Not everything is required but weight-requirements might be necessary for shipping. The more complete you can get the better.
  • Personalized legal texts will also need to be made using your info. The better these texts are the less likely you are to get into possible problems later on. Be sure to check with your lawyers or other people of knowledge to see if everything is ok.
  • Shipping and taxes are a complicated thing. International shipping and taxation will require additional information for it to be correct. Be sure to be ready with whatever information required in order to have everything go fluently.

But wait… there’s more.

Although not my core business I can atttribute my skillset in more areas than the above and I would love to have a chance to gain more professional experience in these areas.

3D Work/Sketchup

Over the course of my existence I have dabbled in many 3D programs; from Lightwave to Maya, 3ds-Max and Cinema4D. Recently I began to pick up Google Sketchup and liking every second of it. Even though not as powerful as the aforementioned programs it’s also… free. So if you require a 3D model of something be sure to let me know.

  • Simple models
  • Building plans


Drawing and film have always been a passion of mine, so much so I decided to combine the two in my studies of Animation at the RITS.
Even though I wasn’t able to finish my studies the road to animation kept intrigueing me.

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