Project List

As known I have a lot of projects running at virtually the same time. Below is a fairly (if not) complete list of all projects and an approximation of how far I’m with them as well as my next steps.

8:15 Game Conceptual  Write story
Alone Story Conceptual  Finish story
Animus Humanum Boardgame Conceptual
All Out Fairy Tale Game On hiatus  –
Apple juice Illustration  Illustrate
Bokkereyders Boardgame Development  Finish board and cards
Booby Trap Boardgame Development  Create boards and assets
Bronze City Boardgame Development  Create board and assets
Carnatine 2000 Boardgame Conceptual  Define rules
Cease the day Illustration  Illustrate
Chainmail Story  Illustrate
Cock Illustration  Illustrate
Coffee Boardgame Development  Finish Mission Cards and board
Soda Wars Boardgame Development  Finish Ingredient Cards
Conquest for Happiness Animation  –
Cosmic Comedy Animation  –
Dice of Fury Boardgame Conceptual  Define rules
Dodo Story Development  Create illustrations for each panel
Dreamworld Story  –
Duck & Cover Boardgame Development  Create Items and other cards
End of Holidays Animation  –
Evil Genius Inc Boardgame Development  Finish Character Cards and create Mission and Item Cards
Exorcismus Boardgame Development  Create design, finish rules and cards
Fix you Animation  –
Glitch Illustration On hiatus  –
Gog & Magog Boardgame Conceptual  Define rules and all assets
Hand of Quests Boardgame Conceptual  Create rules and assets
High Noon Boardgame Development  Illustrate all cards
Hollow Threat Boardgame Conceptual  Define rules, factions and design
I Believe Animation  –
Insanity Apple Story  –
Jennoir Animation  –
Lala Lama Illustration Conceptual  Create story
Lap & Melleke Illustration Conceptual  Illustrate story
Last Beat of my Heart Animation  –
Last Revolution Story  –
Lonelyness Illustration  –
Manges-Toutes Boardgame Beta  Playtest
Misanthropy Boardgame Conceptual  Refine rules
Murder Most Foul Boardgame Development  Create boards and cards
Paper Wars Boardgame Development  Create boards and cards
Pietje (aka Heintje) Illustration  –
Pondering Illustration  –
Rap God Boardgame Conceptual  Create Lyric Cards
Rennaissance Story  –
Rock Bottom Boardgame Development  Create board and cards
Samson Story  –
Selfish Story  –
Serial killer Story  –
Showreel Animation  –  –
Solid State Boardgame Development  Create Location Cards
Souls (Anatta) Boardgame Conceptual  Define rules
Static Illustration  –
Struisvogel Illustration  –
‘t Fort Story Conceptual  Create episodes
Tarot Illustration Development  Illustrate cards
The A-Team Boardgame Conceptual  Define rules and assets
The Bulge Story Conceptual  Write episodes
The Conclave Boardgame Development  Illustrate all cardinals and finish cards
The Game Game Development  Define rules
The Grift Boardgame Development  Illustrate cards
The Heist Boardgame Conceptual  Define rules
The Pickpockets Boardgame Beta  Playtest
The Rejects Boardgame Conceptual  Define rules
Timeline Boardgame Conceptual  Create history and timelines
Tractor Boardgame Development  Create boards
You’re cute…

for an idiot

Illustration  –
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